Why study spanish in México?

Mexico, with its 110,000,000 inhabitants, has the largest Spanish speaking population of any country in the world. From border to border and from coast to coast, in Mexico we speak Spanish.

Another reason to choose Mexico as your study destination is that we can assure you you’ll never be bored in a country that has something for everyone, with cultural alternatives of every description. For the adventurous student who wants to experience a wide range of different social realities or for the student who loves spectacular scenery, challenging sports, world class museums, unique fairs and festivities or for those who seek the world’s finest cuisine.

Mexico has it all! For the student who simply wants a fun, relaxing vacation while learning some Spanish, Mexico is the place to go!

Furthermore, after nearly five centuries of experiencing the encounter of Spanish and indigenous culture, Mexico offers a unique viewpoint on a fascinating blend of the Old and New Worlds. Very few mestizo cultures such as ours have survived for so long, growing stronger and more vital each day. Today’s “Mexican way of life” is the result of this five century old encounter between Europe and native America, and day in and day out our food, music, linguistic patterns, beliefs and cultural traditions bear witness to it.